Engaging Society and Government in Armenia in Developing an Agenda for a Secure Region

The objective of the project is to generate a rational rather than emotional peace agenda amongst opinion-leaders and in the society at large, and to facilitate concrete steps in the direction of peace by key decision-makers.

Cost: 40.917 £

Dates: June 2023 - March 2024

Funded by: Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, UK

Assistance in Implementing the Strategy of the Penal System in the Republic of Armenia

The project aims to create the essential conditions to modernize prison and probation in a consistent, realistic, sustainable way so that the Armenian Ministry of Justice is able to establish a modern criminal sanctioning system that makes societies safer by reducing recidivism.

Cost: 23.562 Euro

Dates: October 2020 - October 2023

Funded by: The Netherlands Helsinki Committee (the NHC)

Civil society voice on and monitoring of justice and police reforms in Armenia

The project aims to achieve that CSOs are empowered to meaningfully engage in the Justice sector reforms (including police and criminal justice system) in Armenia as effective, trusted and sustainable independent actors, in order to create a more accountable, transparent and international human rights-compliant justice system in Armenia.

Funded by: Netherlands Helsinki Committee