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Workshop for NGO’s on Organization Development, Planning and Management

Workshop for NGO’s on Organization Development, Planning and Management .

Eighteen NGO representatives from Armenia and Republic of Negron Kharabakh were trained on such topics as, Phases of organization development, Event planning and management, Budget design, Voluntary Management, Integrating Social Media tools into NGO’s work. Trainings were hold by the deputy of general secretary of the international federation for human rights (FIDH) Artak Kirakosyan, and Civil Society Istitute staff members Zara Sahakyan and Mariam Sargsyan.

The training methodology was theory and group works. All participants were very enthusiastic and during workshops they cooperated very productively. As a result of trainings new network was created between various NGOs which participants will use in their future activities.

The project “Assisting in development of sound civil society through strategic planning and implementation” is implemented by Civil Society Institute NGO in Armenia in partnership with NESENHUTI Brno, Czech Republic, Abkhazientercon Fund in Georgia, and Democracy Monitor in Azerbaijan with financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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Mariam Sargsyan  | Programs Assistant & Hotline Coordinator

Ms Sargsyan joined CSI in May 2013. She is involved in the monitoring of penitentiary institutions and rehabilitation centers of juvenile offenders across Armenia, and coordinates the CSI's hotline providing free legal advice. Ms Sargsyan  is a member of the Expert Committee attached to the Armenian Ombudsman for issues related to violation of delinquents' rights, including torture and ill-treatment.